Button Craft Ideas

Button Craft Ideas

Button Craft Ideas: Get Creative with These Simple Crafts

Buttons are small, versatile, and inexpensive materials that can be used in a myriad of craft projects. Whether you have a bag full of old buttons lying around or want to explore the creative possibilities of these small treasures, we have compiled a list of button craft ideas to inspire your next project.

1. Button Art Collage: Create a unique and colorful art piece by gluing buttons onto a canvas or sturdy cardstock. You can arrange them in a specific pattern or let your creativity flow freely. Choose buttons in different sizes, shapes, and colors to add depth and visual interest to your artwork.

2. Button Magnets: Transform plain fridge magnets into eye-catching accessories by gluing buttons on top. Use strong adhesive or a hot glue gun to attach the buttons securely. These button magnets can be personalized with different colors and shapes, making them a lovely addition to any kitchen.

3. Button Earrings: Make a fashion statement by turning buttons into trendy earrings. Select buttons that have a loop or shank on the back, or use a thin drill to make small holes in the buttons. Attach earring hooks to the buttons, and voilà – you have a unique pair of handmade earrings to wear or gift to a fashion-forward friend.

4. Button Bouquet: Upcycle old buttons into a charming bouquet that will never wither. Arrange buttons of various sizes and colors on long floral wire stems, and secure them in place with craft wire or hot glue. Tie a colorful ribbon around the stems to add a finishing touch. This button bouquet serves as a delightful centerpiece or a thoughtful gift.

5. Button Cards: Give your greeting cards an elegant twist by embellishing them with buttons. Use buttons as decorative elements or create button shapes, such as hearts or flowers, to make your cards stand out. With a bit of glue and some creativity, you can make simple cards that are sure to impress.


6. Button Bracelets: Make a vibrant and personalized bracelet using an assortment of buttons. Using stretchy cord or thin elastic, thread buttons of various sizes and colors onto the cord, securing each button with a knot. Keep adding buttons until the bracelet fits comfortably around your wrist. This button bracelet makes a great accessory or a thoughtful present for friends and family.

7. Button Bookmarks: If you're an avid reader, why not make your own unique bookmarks? Glue a button on each end of a ribbon or decorative paper strip, and you will have a charming bookmark that adds a touch of whimsy to any book. Experiment with buttons in different shapes and colors to create a collection of bookmarks for yourself or to gift fellow bookworms.

These are just a few of the countless button craft ideas you can explore. The beauty of working with buttons is that you can let your creativity guide you – mix and match colors, sizes, and shapes to create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your unique style. 

So, shop for your buttons from our extensive range and get creating. 

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