Hello Crafters, 

This is an old project that I posted a few years ago.  It is one of my all time favourites and always a hit with the kids.  In this project my daughter decided to create your initial with the buttons.  But you can choose to design anything.  

I hope you enjoy this easy and fun craft project that creatives of all ages can enjoy (I am talking from experience, hehe) 


Today I have the cutest project to share with you. 
My daughter (miss nearly 5yrs old) and I had the best afternoon crafting and creating this cute canvas for her bedroom. 
A variety of buttons were used. From wooden buttons, novelty buttons, large buttons, small buttons, round buttons, heart shaped buttons, animal buttons you name it.   
Our Beautiful Button Bags are perfect for this button craft project. 
You will also need the desired size canvas, a lead pencil to draw your design or initial on the canvas and PVA craft glue. 

Start by drawing your initial onto the canvas. 

We decided to pour all of our buttons into a large bowl so we could have fun selecting them to stick down onto the canvas. 

Next, apply the glue directly to your canvas.  We applied a generous amount to cover a decent area so we didn't have to keep applying the glue.  The beauty about the glue is that you have time to play around with the buttons before it dries.  
The trick to getting this great effect is to layer the buttons, so don't be afraid to go wild and stick buttons on top of each other.   The other advice I would give is to not give your button selection too much choice.  My daughter just picked you any button she fancied and stuck it down, and the result is gorgeous. 

This project was so much fun and turned out really well. 

I hope you enjoyed it.  If you give it a go I would love to know how it turned out. 

Happy Creating! 

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